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Browband Gold

1 500 kr

Handla andra varor för 1495:- så får du ett set Lounge Wear på köpet samt en keps!  Gäller så långt lagret räcker :)

Glöm inte att lägga alla varor in din korg, ingenting skickas i efterhand

A beautiful browband that is all hand made in Full Grain Leather

The loops on the browband are adjustable to fit almost any bridle or double bridle, just remove the screw and make a new hole. Put the screw in the new hole, tighten it and you are done. The hole will be on the inside of the loop so it does not show.

Please note that if you make any adjustment on the browband you can not sent it back if you want to cancel your purchase.

Since this browband is all hand made and are "made to order" the expected delivery time is about 4 weeks