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Montar Adalyn rope pockets highwaist Knäskodda

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Knäskodd ridbyxa från Montar, hög midja (Observera att den Silvergrå färgen är åt det vita hållet)

Tvättas i 30 grader, får ej torktumlas

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Highwaist riding breeches with a perfect fit and great details. Adalyn breeches have front pockets and back pockets with a pattern of ropes made from heat pressed fabric. The highwaist model is the well-known model as the Montar Essential 2078 and Molly breeches. There are two buttons in the waist. At the back is a V in the waistband to make the breeches fit tight to your waist. No front sewings along the leg to irritate your knee while riding your horse. At the ankle is a lycra triangle that give the breeches a tight fit and make sure they do not wrinkle inside your riding boots. There are four pockets in this model for all the stuff you need to bring while riding your horse. Available in many different colours. 

The riding breeches in the pictures are shown with F/G. 


 The breeches must fit close for the best possible comfort and support. 

 Turn inside out and wash at a maximum of 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

Yati functional features:

High comfort

Yati gives you the perfect combination of flexibility and firmness. A pair of Montar Yati breeches gives you excellent support while having the freedom to move while sitting in the saddle and during stable work.

Premium look

The smooth surface of the Yati fabric gives the breeches a beautiful look that reflects the high quality of the material. Besides, the color of the fabric is extra long-lasting and keeps your breeches look new for much longer.


Yati breeches give you an optimal fit, thanks to the very flexible 4 way stretch fabric. The fabric
makes Montar breeches very comfortable to wear and the high quality of the fabric ensures that the elasticity does not loosen during use.  

Moisture wicking

Our breathable Yati riding breeches provide a comfortable feeling and optimal freedom. The Yati fabric is designed with moisture wicking characteristics to keep your skin dry during training.

Water repellent

The Yati fabric is smooth and lets water drops "roll" over the fabric rather than being absorbed. Yati breeches keep you dry longer than other breeches.

Fair prices

We use the specially developed Yati fabric for many of our riding breeches. Due to the very large
quantities, we can offer our popular riding breeches at a good price.