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Frank Baines Evolution

27 400 kr

Alla Frank Baines sadlar är handgjorda av erfarna sadelmakare i Walsall, England. Endast det finaste lädret och material används. Frank Baines är flerfaldigt prisbelönta för sin sadeltillverkning. Frank Baines mål är att med moderna innovativa ideer och traditionellt material tillverka den perfekta sadeln.

Finns från N till 2XW och 16" till 18,5"

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A beautifully fashioned Jumping Saddle made with a calf skin covered flap and skirt.

The knee pad is moulded around the knee block to give instant shape and support to the rider’s leg.

A narrow waisted, wide seated tree, enables the rider to maintain perfect balance and control of the horse throughout.

The shape of the tree suits a horse that has a flatter back and thus has a more complimentary open seat for the rider, allowing you to move position within the seat.

A wide bearing surface in the wool flocked panel allows for even weight distribution and a generous gullet minimises pressure on the horse’s spine.

For a deeper seat and shape to the panel, we also offer the Edessa which has the same visual appearance.