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Cavallo Caja Grip 288157 olika färger

1 899 kr
Cavallo Caja GRIP är en helskodd ridbyxa i gripmaterialet Cavagrip Ridbyxan har god stretch, fickor  med dragkedja framtill, muddar vid benslut.
En mycket bekväm ridbyxa med bra grepp i skoningen men inte lika extrem som en byxa skodd med silikon

Ange önskad färg och storlek vid beställning, i meddelanderutan när du kommer till kassan
Regular 34-48
Långa ben 72-96

Samtliga färger är beställningsvaror med en beräknad leveranstid på ca 6veckor


  • fullseat cavagrip breech
  • the cavagrip keeps the riders position stable
  • comfortable in each movement because of the special lining at the knee
  • 2 zipper pockets at the front
  • flexible hem at the leg
  • 64 % Baumwolle, 29 % Polyamid, 7 % Elasthan / 64 % Cotton, 29 % polyamide, 7 % spandex


CAVAGRIP is extremely ant-slip, stable and wear resistant. Due to punctual apllication on the fabric, the elasticity of the material will last. This leads to optimal hold in the saddle, high freedom of movement and maximal wearing comfort.


The feature "breathable" supports riders to stay powerful and successful . Both in your daily handling with horses and in competitions. Breathable clothing is a must-have to feel good and it offers a maximum of comfort.

active flex 

The active flex feature guarantees optimal freedom of movement, whether in or outside of the saddl

quick dry

To make sure that your favorite products turn back into your wardrobe quickly after washing, some Cavallo products are quick dry.

extremely hard-wearing

Our extremely hard-wearing products allow movement and support you in your handling with horses. 
For a permanent wearing comfort.


You can easily wash this product at home. Further washing instructions can be found on the care label.